Fighting Wildlife Trade in Vietnam

Vietnam is home to around 10% of the world’s species. 5 of the 25 most endangered primates are endemic to Vietnam, but wildlife in Vietnam has become very scarce. Responsible are habitat loss by deforestation and the flourishing trade of wild animals and their meat or parts for traditional medicine and illegal but expensive Wildlife  Restaurants.

WAGI is supporting law-enforcement and ranger work in Nature Reserves of Vietnam; providing financial and technical assistance for more effective anti-poaching patrols and by contributing to the fight against wildlife trade and towards animal rescue costs.


But soon we had to learn, that many Government Officials were not only doing very little against poaching and illegal off take of forest produce, but are actively involved or even organizing it!

Often Protected Areas are run like the private Kingdom of the managing Director, exploiting wildlife and his habitat to an unbelievable extend. But also junior officers are in permanent fear to loose their job and are totally exploited. Donor and Government funding for protections are misused and ending up in private pockets without hesitation and obviously without fear to get caught!

But in every pile of sand, there are small precious stones! We where digging for these emeralds, identified them and build out of these dedicated conservationists, undercover Action Groups, consisting of Government Officers and Villagers.

This people are keen to protect and even rehabilitate the wildlife and habitat of their home areas, and understand how important protection is for the future of their children living is rural areas.


Author: G. Kloeble

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