What we do

The Wildlife Trade in Vietnam is flourishing and although only a small percentage can be rescued, wildlife rescue centers and sanctuaries are at their limits, since many of those confiscated and rescued animals need care and rehabilitaton, before they can be released into the wild again.
WAGI is supporting the following projects:
Supporting the fight against the Wildlife Trade
Establishment of a new Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

The longterm “Thuma Forest Reserve Ecosystem Rehabilitaton Project” was started in August 1996 by Wildlife Action Group Malawi’s former chairman Georg Kloeble with the approval and in co-operation with the Department of Forestry. It’s objective is to objective is to protect the reserve’s flora and fauna and to restore its ecological balance in co-operation with the communities around Thuma Forest Reserve. One rewarding outcome of this work was the return of the elephants to Thuma F.R. about 8 years ago from the adjacent Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve.
WAGI is supporting the following projects:
Emergency SOS fence appeal
Solving human – elephant conflicts – a fence for Thuma’s elephants
Strengthening anti-poaching and law-enforcement activites – to help protecting Thuma’s flora and fauna

The Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust’s diverse programmes and projects all have one aim, to teach the children of the Luangwa Valley the value of their wildlife and environment so that it may be conserved for present and future generations. Hundreds of pupils visit Chipembele every year to be part of the Wildlife Education classes.
WAGI is supporting this Environmental Education Project in Zambia.