Sponsor a Scout

Thuma ScoutThe Wildlife Action Group Malawi started the Sponsor-a-Scout-Program to get the urgently needed support for funding scout salaries at Thuma Forest Reserve, since very few donors fund staff salaries.

But fact is: It’s the scouts who are actually doing the most important and most dangerous job in the Thuma project! Running after armed poachers and arrest them, chasing elephants out of the maize-fields of peasant farmers or sleep out in the bush and are being attacked by rampaging elephants.

They do social work in the villages as well as guiding tourists and they do research work with scientists and volunteers. Only through their brave commitment and dedication could the poaching be reduced considerably in Thuma, and it’s also their achievement that the Thuma elephants and other wildlife survived and their populations are recovering.

Not to forget that the monthly salary of each scout in Thuma is supporting a whole family in one of the poorest countries in the world.

For only 750 Euro the Wildlife Action Group in Malawi is able to employ, train and deploy another urgently needed scout for a year.

This amount not only covers the monthly salary of approximately 55 Euro (the average monthly salary of a government scout in Malawi is 30 Euro), but also pays for the scouts uniform and all needed equipment.

The whole amount you are donating is going directly and completely to Malawi to assist our work at Thuma.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any question or like to have more information on the Sponsor-a-scout-Program.