About us

The Wildlife Action Group International was established in 2007 by Susanne Kneissl and Georg Kloeble, who have both been involved in nature conservation projects in Malawi, Africa since 1994 and starting off the Thuma Eco-System Rehabilitation Project in Malawi. The charity, registered in Germany, is focusing on animal welfare and the protection and conservation of endangered animals and their natural habitats.

At present the Wildlife Action Group International e.V. is supporting conservation projects in many developing countries on technical and wildlife management issues, but also supporting environmental awareness campaigns and providing assistance to local communities through training and socio-economic development initiatives with main focus on Malawi and Vietnam.
Our newly established Technical Sections effort is, to find High-Tech solutions which can be applied in nature protection and conservation worldwide.
This applies at the moment in particular to highly accurate Thermal- Infrared Wildlife Population Counting and the development of Metal Detectors which can find Wire Snare Traps responsible for over 60% of wildlife loss due to killing or insuring animals.
Click here for to download the constitution of the Wildlife Action Group International (pdf-file).