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April 2012 – Confiscated Asian Black Bear cubs need help!

Two Baby Asian Black Bears (Ursus thibetanus) were rescued from illegal wildlife traders by the Forest Protection Department, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam). Pu Hu Nature Reserve needs urgent support to raise the two cubs to be released in the Nature Reserve in the future.

February 2012 – Another two macaques rescued

On Feb 6, 2012 a Rhesus Macaque was confiscated in Thanh Hoa City. Undernourished and suffering from balance difficulties, he was brought to Pu Hu Nature Reserve for rehabilitation.

A Stump-tailed macaquee was confiscated and transferred to Xuan Lien Nature Reserve in the afternoon of Feb 8, 2012.

December 2011 – Wishing you all a happy and successful New Year!

The holidays have brought good news for the scouts in Thuma Forest Reserve. We received three donations for the Sponsor-a-Scout program. This will secure the job of three of the dedicated scouts for another year. Thank you all so much, Claudia, Urs and Kiyoko.

In Vietnam we were able to help the Forest Protection Department confiscating another macaque, who was kept in a small cage in a private house. We hope to be able to release him back into the wild soon. Thank you Asli for your donation to help with this.