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We urgently need a GPS satellite transmitter for Chaka, which cost about 4000 Euros! CLICK HERE TO HELP TO SAFE CHAKA

We have a literally huge problem with Chaka, an old elephant bull in our Thuma Elephant Protection Project in Malawi.
The otherwise lovable bull has developed into a specialist for electric fences. He regularly breaks through the 8000 volt electric fence to plunder the gardens and fields of the poor farmers. All our technical tricks to prevent him from doing so, he quickly overcomes.
Remarkable is that he was observed as he presses the minus wire of the fence against the plus wire in order to cause a short circuit and thereby disable the fence system.
Even more incredible is the story when one observes that he does this with the trunk and not, like other elephants, with the well-insulated ivory tasks. Chaka has no tasks!
Since he has no tasks, he has probably not been a worthwhile target for ivory poachers, that’s why he has survived so long.
But his constant break through the fence, which is supposed to protect him, puts him in a deadly danger! The peasants naturally want to protect their livelihood, the harvest on their fields. And they often do this with poisoned baits, wire snares or with bow and arrow.
The only way to protect Chaka is to know where he is moving about. And this is only possible with a GPS satellite transmitter, which constantly sends its position to the wildlife Rangers and they can chase him out of the vicinity of the fence if necessary.

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Kopie von 20 Jahre Thuma Forest 2 Logos

From Zero Elephants 1996 to over 120 Elephants 2016.
The best protected elephant population in Malawi today!

The elephants migrated in over the years, knowing
they are protected in Thuma Forest Reserve by dedicated,
professional people, doing everything to keep them save.




Volunteer opportunities 2016

The Wildlife Action Group in Malawi ia looking for volunteers to come out to beautiful Malawi to help with some of our conservation and community projects this year. This is a brilliant opportunity for a gap year student or anyone looking to gain some hands on experience in conservation. No previous experience required, but a passion for wildlife / conservation and a hands-on positive attitude is essential. For more information or to contact previous volunteers and find out what its all about. Please visit

Wildlife Action Group have also a 6 month internship opportunity. The ideal candidate would have experience in tourism or marketing and must have strong admins skills. This position will involve living at base camp in the forest – with all the wildlife around you! If you know somebody who might be interested, please share this post. Thank you!