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Wire Snares kill more wildlife than bullets!

Wir suchen Partner und Fachleute an Universitäten, der Industrie oder Privatleute die uns helfen so einen Metalldetektor zu entwickeln. Solch ein Gerät würde hunderttausenden von Wildtieren das Leben retten!

Wenn Sie den armen Wildtieren helfen wollen, um der Wilderei ein ernstzunehmendes Werkzeug entgegenzusetzen, bitte senden Sie uns eine Nachricht! DANKE

Volunteer opportunities 2016

The Wildlife Action Group in Malawi ia looking for volunteers to come out to beautiful Malawi to help with some of our conservation and community projects this year. This is a brilliant opportunity for a gap year student or anyone looking to gain some hands on experience in conservation. No previous experience required, but a passion for wildlife / conservation and a hands-on positive attitude is essential. For more information or to contact previous volunteers and find out what its all about. Please visit

Wildlife Action Group have also a 6 month internship opportunity. The ideal candidate would have experience in tourism or marketing and must have strong admins skills. This position will involve living at base camp in the forest – with all the wildlife around you! If you know somebody who might be interested, please share this post. Thank you!


WAG Malawi are little by little able to identify some of our elephants by sight. This is a new big man to their list. “His name is “Abraham” and really a character! He is known mainly for being outside of the reserve. He travels far each day and last year was seen up to 20kms away by evening! He ambushing scouts by running fast then hiding and charging as they get closer. He has recently shown us his other side… when he was around camp for almost one week, breaking trees and feeding as we took his photo. He really is something very special!”