The new Generation… give them a future!

Kopie von we proudly 3


These youngsters are all born in Thuma Forest Reserve in Malawi under the protection of the Wildlife Action Group since 1996. This is prove, that a very small group of dedicated people and loyal supporters can make a big difference!

Over the years we lost a number of elephants to poachers, but we could control the losses and a strong population grew up! Nature compensates population losses under pressure. Reproduction is speeding up and the high alertness of mothers and groups under regular poaching pressure causes intense protection of the offspring’s. Often wildlife migrates away were it is unsafe to rise their babies.
This might explain why so many elephants migrated into Thuma Forest Reserve and as they feel save there, the stay. But this is also a clear indication that the elephants do not feel save in other protected areas in Malawi. GK