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Urgent needed hospital in the community!

villagerThe nearest hospital to the Thuma gate is exactly 23 kms. Some villagers either walk or go by bike. People actually have been seen being tied onto the back of a bike to stop them falling off as they cannot hold themselves up right.
Ladies in labour also travel on the back of bikes before and after giving birth! In many cases people just die in the village as they cannot afford the transport.

Sometimes WAG Malawi are able to help with transport. Three weeks ago they were called to a meeting by 7 of our local Group Village Headmen who told Lynn that the Government planned to build a hospital some 5 kms from the main gate of Thuma. I was delighted. However, the government will supply only part of the materials required. And the local community must supply the rest. They asked if WAG would be in a position to assist them to buy some bricks to build the hospital!
WAG has been in this area since 1996 and are very much part of the community and would like to assist in some way towards this very important project that will have far reaching effects on peoples lives.

We need to raise 2500 euro to buy 500,000 bricks, local communities will contribute the rest.

The land has been cleared and people have started collecting sand and donating what bricks they have already.
This hospital will be able to help people with malaria, births, post natal care, infections, pain relief.