Thuma fence extension

It’s that time of year again – The Great Thuma Fence Extension.

Where the fence is in existence, villagers are delighted as there has been less crop damage and a greater sense of security. People can at last sleep more peacefully at night without fears that their crops will be destroyed by elephants. Happy fed people means that there is less pressure to subsidy their diet from the forest.

And because the elephants are kept within the forest boundary they are easier to protect from poachers. There is no greater need for this than now with elephants threatened by extinction by 2025.

56km has been completed already. The target for this year is to build another 25km but to do this we need your help. Work will take place in October before the rains come again.

It costs about Euro 2000 per kilometre.

Please help us to complete the vital next stage.

A survey was completed by villagers before and after the fence was erected. These are some of the comments they had:

“Just appreciating to well-wishers”

“ We are staying well without elephant problem”

“Just appreciate what has been done 2yrs ago”

“I am proud of the fence”

“My life has changed cause no more elephants coming out”

“Our harvests are now safe”

“Our crops are now protected”

“I can relax at night – I don’t have to worry about elephants destroying fields”

“ It has helped because there isn’t damage that used to occur”

“Harvesting mature crops unlike previous years”

“It’s better now because they just see elephants inside but no damages out”

“Elephants are not coming out at all”

“Congratulations for the fence because the elephants are not coming out any more and crops are harvested at a good time unlike before”