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Thuma Forest Elephants threatened by ultimatum!

Emergency SOS fence appeal
Over the past 12 years the wild elephants of Thuma Forest Reserve, have come back from the brink of extinction, but now face a devastating ultimatum. Previously threatened by habitat loss and poaching the population is now beginning to thrive due to a long term project organised by a non-government organisation called The Wildlife Action Group. (WAG). Now the elephants latest threat comes in the form of an ultimatum from the local government to relocate them to National Parks in Malawi where poaching pressure is considerably higher than in Thuma and they would be certainly be slaughtered.
WAG scouts have worked 365 days a year for 14 years, protecting the elephants from illegal poaching for the Ivory trade and conserving the forest habitat to the benefit of a wider variety of flora and fauna. WAG also works collaboratively with local communities providing education, materials and employment as well as funding long-term income generating initiatives for the local people.
Why the ultimatum?
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