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First national award for Vietnam’s law enforcement officers on the front-lines of wildlife protection

bearHelp to bring recognition to some of Vietnam’s very best law enforcement officers on the front-lines of wildlife protection. In April 2013, ENV (Education for Nature – Vietnam) will host Vietnam’s very first national awards event to recognize outstanding law enforcement officers who have contributed above and beyond the call of duty in the protection of Vietnam’s wildlife. This is an important event to encourage positive change, and we are calling upon your support to help supplement funding that we have already secured to host it. Continue reading here

Thuma Team arrests 2 poachers!

Yesterday the WAG team got a tip off that someone had killed a kudu and was selling the meat in a local village! The team raced to the village! On arrival they found two houses with alot of meat! A kudu leg! All fresh! The team managed to arrest one in their field and another trying to get back to his house to get rid of the meat but the scouts were waiting for him at his house and managed to arrest him too! What a fantastic team! The scouts were so professional !:) Well done to you all!