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Sponsor a Scout in Malawi

It costs 750 EUR to sponsor one WAG scout for a year and 100% of your donation will go to sponsoring a scout to be in the field protecting wildlife.

THUMA Wish List for 2013:

Six scouts to be sponsored this year!
• 40 army uniforms – army trousers, army shirts, army backpack packs, sleeping bags, army
• rain jackets,
• Good quality torches with rechargeable batteries
• Laptop x 2 with long life battery
• External drive to store our back ups
• Oven gloves x 4
• Good quality pots and pans
• Night vision goggles
• Digital camcorder
• Digital camera with good lens
• (OR: DSLR with good HD recording)
• Night camera to record animals (camera trap)
• Good quality second hand mobile phones (quad band) x 30(these are needed for fence
• attendants, scouts, informers etc (unlocked if poss)
• Walkie talkies good quality
• Power drill rechargeable battery
• Solar chargers for phones for on patrol
• A large plastic water tank and fittings
• Very long water hose to assist with filling our showers etc.

Donations from Germany are tax-deductable. Please contact us for details.