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April 2011 – Crop raiding elephants

From WAG Malawi : There has been repeated crop raiding in and around the villages nearest our camp in Dedza. Over 30 families have been badly affected and their crops damaged. DNPW were called in to assist and the elephants were driven back into the Reserve. However, they were back out within days! WAG scouts assisted the Ranger to chase them back.

The villagers of Ndola are very unhappy and have not only complained to the DC but spoke to national newspapers. This is the same village that we raided for being in possession and eating elephant meat a few months ago.

Mean while in Thuma, we have found no new signs of any sort of poaching all month. Not even a sign of entry/ footprints, no gun shots. So much so we did not feel the need for a full time ranger to be present and we have been able to go about daily patrols without them.

Elephants are around camp at night a lot and there are many signs of large groups on our daily patrols.

A large herd of buffalo has also been spotted several times.The end of the electric fence at Linthipe River has seen al lot of activity, with some bulls walking around and raiding crops in Imphize and surrounding areas. Several families have also lost al lot of crops here!

A Ranger was sent and left leaving one bull still out!
We urgently need to get funding for the extension of the electric fence!