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Facebook Auction has raised money for Thuma elephants

Asli Han Gedik has again supported our elephant protection work in Thuma Forest Reserve. Thank you so much for your generous donation, Asli!

Helping hand for wildlife

On this FB-page Asli is auctioning beautiful items to support a number of wildlife projects. Please join, bit and support conservation work at the same time!

Malawi takes to the screen to say no to wildlife crime



Support me raising funds for Thuma

It was exciting coming back to visit Thuma Forest Reserve.
20 years ago we started the project to protect the remaining, small elephant population and preserve its environment.
I was so looking forward to see for myself how the project has developed and it was fantastic: beautiful forest and a grown, dedicated scout team expected me. The next morning already I could watch some elephants not far from camp. I had tears in my eyes.
Thuma is now one of the best protected areas in Malawi and I am so proud of the whole team there.
40 scouts and ranchers risk their lives savekeeping this unique place and its wildlife.
But of course it does need money to continue the work there. In one of the world’s poorest countries the scouts employed in the project – and their families – depend on their salaries. Vehicles, camp and equipment need to be maintained.

Please help and support me to secure sustainability of the project and the dedicated team in Thuma for 2015.

Thank you!
Susanne Kneissl

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